Determination of priorities in apparel purchasing from private sale websites

Canan Saricam*, Nazan Erdumlu

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In the fast-changing internet era, private sale websites attracted an enormous interest from the consumers in especially online marketing of apparel goods. The retailers may garner more benefit if the prior issues for the consumers when they are purchasing apparel products online is known. Reviewing the literature, this study presents the factors in three groups in a hierarchical manner considering the multidimensional aspect of online purchasing of apparel products from private sale websites and then determines the prior issues for the consumers by making pairwise comparisons among these factors using analytical hierarchy process on a sample group of 100 Turkish respondents. The findings revealed that “privacy/security” in terms of online shopping criteria, “product information” in terms of apparel products criteria, and “discount ratio” in terms of private shopping criteria took highest scores of importance when the aspects were analyzed individually. Nonetheless, the parameters regarding the online shopping criteria were found to be more important than the criteria regarding the apparel products and private shopping criteria. In the end, it was also observed that these items that were found to have highest importance were actually corresponding to the risks of the situation.

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