Determination of flood risk: A case study in the rainiest city of Turkey

Olgay Şen*, Ercan Kahya

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This paper combines hydrological and flood models for the purpose of estimating surface and peak flow rates from precipitation storm events occurred in basins of Rize province located in northern Turkey, receiving highest annual average precipitation height over 2300 mm. Two models: (i) Watershed Modeling System for predicting hydrographs and (ii) TuFlow comprised of hydrodynamic model of a one-dimensional river flow and a two-dimensional surface flow model for floodplain delineation were coupled to determine flood risks in the basins of Rize province. A 100-year flood peak discharges are computed based on the historical records and generated records in relation to climate change scenarios using grid-based approach. The influences of resolution of the mesh-size with the same DEM data on automated floodplain delineation are also another concern to investigate in this study. The results of this study could be used in quantitative flood risk assessments in the design of municipal infrastructures in the region. The results of this study showed that İyidere River flooded during the both present and future (tied with three climate change scenarios) conditions and seemed to need rehabilitation whereas Çağlayan and Tahiroğlu rivers flooded only in present condition. Our investigation also showed that coarse grid resolutions might cause overestimation in the floodplain and water depth.

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This study is a part of a research project funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) under Project No. 112Y204 and ITÜ under project no BAP-38105. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the State Hydraulic Works of Turkey and Turkish State Meteorological Service for providing us the data we needed in this study. We also thank Special Provincial Administration of Rize for providing us digital maps of study area.

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Türkiye Bilimsel ve Teknolojik Araştirma KurumuBAP-38105, 112Y204

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