Design of a hybrid emissivity domestic electric oven

Ozgur Isik*, Seyhan Uygur Onbasioglu

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In this study, the radiative properties of the surfaces of an electric oven were investigated. Using experimental data related to an oven-like enclosure, a novel combination of surface properties was developed. Three different surface emissivity combinations were analysed experimentally: low-emissivity, high emissivity (black-coated), and hybrid emissivity. The term “hybrid emissivity design” here corresponds to an enclosure with some high emissive and some low-emissive surfaces. The experiments were carried out according to the EN 50304 standard. When a brick (load) was placed in the enclosure, the view factors between its surfaces were calculated with the Monte Carlo method. These and the measured surface temperatures were then used to calculate the radiative heat fluxes on the surfaces of the load. The three different models were compared with respect to energy consumption and baking time. The hybrid model performed best, with the highest radiative heat transfer between the surfaces of the enclosure and the load and minimum heat loss from the cavity. Thus, it was the most efficient model with the lowest energy consumption and the shortest baking time. The recent European Union regulation regarding the energy labelling of domestic ovens was used.

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The authors would like to thank The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) (grant no:111 M048) and ARCELIK A.S R&D Department for their financial support. The authors are also grateful to the reviewers for their valuable feedbacks.

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ARCELIK A.S R&D Department
TUBITAK:111 M048
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