Deposition and characterization of layer-by-layer sputtered AgGaSe 2 thin films

H. Karaagac, M. Parlak*

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Sputtering technique has been used for the deposition of AgGaSe 2 thin films onto soda-lime glass substrates using sequential layer-by-layer deposition of GaSe and Ag thin films. The analysis of energy dispersive analysis of X-ray (EDXA) indicated a Ga-rich composition for as-grown samples and there was a pronounce effect of post-annealing on chemical composition of AgGaSe 2 thin film. X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements revealed that Ag metallic phase exists in the amorphous AgGaSe 2 structure up to annealing temperature 450 °C and then the structure turned to the single phase AgGaSe 2 with the preferred orientation along (1 1 2) direction with the annealing temperature at 600 °C. The surface morphology of the samples was analyzed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) measurements. The structural parameters related to chalcopyrite compounds have been calculated. Optical properties of AgGaSe 2 thin films were studied by carrying out transmittance and reflectance measurements in the wavelength range of 325-1100 nm at room temperature. The absorption coefficient and the band gap values for as-grown and annealed samples were evaluated as 1.55 and 1.77 eV, respectively. The crystal-field and spin-orbit splitting levels were resolved. These levels (2.03 and 2.30 eV) were also detected from the photoresponse measurements almost at the same energy values. As a result of the temperature dependent resistivity and mobility measurements in the temperature range of 100-430 K, it was found that the decrease in mobility and the increase in carrier concentration following to the increasing annealing temperature attributed to the structural defects (tetragonal distortion, vacancies and interstitials).

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This work was supported by Turkish Scientific and Research Council (TUBITAK) under grant no. 108T019 .

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Turkish Scientific and Research Council

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