Consumption, bioacessibility, bioavailability of anthocyanins and their interactions with gut microbiota

Gizem Catalkaya, Fatma Duygu Ceylan, Gulay Ozkan, Burcu Guldiken, Esra Capanoglu*

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Anthocyanins are the pigments naturally present in the plant tissue tincting red, blue, and purple colors to various fruits, flowers, leaves, and vegetables. They impart not only attractive colors and aesthetic appeal to plants but also exhibit strong antioxidant activities. Their average intake is estimated to be up to 25-30 mg/day in the European Countries. Despite their relatively higher daily consumption than other polyphenols, they have been shown to have low bioaccessibility and bioavailability. However, recent evidence show that a substantial proportion of the ingested anthocyanins can reach the colon and further metabolized by gut microbiota. Thus, it is suggested that despite their low absorption rates, beneficial health effects of anthocyanins may be related to modulation of gut microbiota and generated metabolites. Since absorption and metabolism of anthocyanins are complex phenomena, the reason underlying the low bioavailability of anthocyanins is still waiting to be elucidated. More comprehensive intervention studies should be carried out and more population-based data need to be collected to accurately assess habitual dietary intake of anthocyanins and to better understand the interaction of anthocyanins with gut microbiota.

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