Comprehensive energy and economic assessment of CRAH bypass method in air-cooled data centers

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The computer room air handling (CRAH) bypass (BP) method is a method to reduce the fan energy consumption in data centers. To provide a fraction of the server airflow, CRAH BP fans typically operate across an order of magnitude lower pressure drop across floor tiles compared to that across CRAH units. However, at a higher fraction of BP airflow, CRAH units are subject to low-temperature operation, which poses an optimization problem. Earlier studies indicated the potential to reduce the total cooling energy consumption in air-cooled data centers by using the CRAH bypass method. This study provides the most comprehensive assessment of the CRAH BP method in the literature for air-cooled data centers based on detailed thermodynamic modeling using hour-by-hour annual energy simulations. The parametric modeling and optimization results in this study address energy and economics of induced and forced BP methods in open and enclosed-aisle data centers considering both economized and non-economized operations. Despite the significant energy-saving potential of the CRAH BP method, economics plays a pivotal role in the feasibility of such an investment. The results and following discussions provide design considerations for the successful application of the CRAH BP method in air-cooled data centers.

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This study is funded by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) through the award number 118M238 . The author would like to thank Tolga Akis for the preliminary work in this study, and Dr. Mustafa Koz, Mehmet Turgay Yildirim, Dr. H. Ezzat Khalifa, and Vahid Ebrahimpour Ahmadi for their previous contribution to the relevant literature inspiring the author to prepare this article.

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