Characterization of density oscillations in confined and degenerate Fermi gases

Coskun Firat, Altug Sisman*, Alhun Aydin

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Friedel oscillations appear in density of Fermi gases due to Pauli exclusion principle and translational symmetry breaking nearby a defect or impurity. In confined Fermi gases, this symmetry breaking occurs also near to boundaries. Here, density oscillations of a degenerate and confined Fermi gas are considered and characterized. True nature of density oscillations are represented by analytical formulas for degenerate conditions. Analytical characterization is first done for completely degenerate case, then temperature effects are also incorporated with a finer approximation. Envelope functions defining the upper and lower bounds of these oscillations are determined. It is shown that the errors of obtained expressions are negligible as long as the system is degenerate. Numbers, amplitudes, averages and spatial coordinates of oscillations are also given by analytical expressions. The results may be helpful to efficiently predict and easily calculate the oscillations in density and density-dependent properties of confined electrons at nanoscale.

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DergiModern Physics Letters B
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Yayın durumuYayınlandı - 20 Kas 2018

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The author A. Aydin gratefully acknowledges support from AIM Energy Technologies Corp. Authors are indebted to the anonymous reviewer for providing insightful comments which greatly contributed to the further improvement of the paper.

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