Characteristics of TI6AL4V powders recycled from turnings via the HDH technique

Mertol Gökelma*, Dilara Celik, Onur Tazegul, Huseyin Cimenoglu, Bernd Friedrich

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The objective of this research is for Ti6Al4V alloy turnings, generated during the machining of implants, to produce powders for the fabrication of Ti base coating via the cold spray method. In order to decrease the cost of powder production and increase the recycling rate of the turnings, the hydrogenation-dehydrogenation (HDH) process has been utilised. The HDH process consists of the following sequence: surface conditioning of the turnings, hydrogenation, ball milling (for powder production), and dehydrogenation. Afterwards, the properties of the recycled powder were analysed via phase, chemical, and morphological examinations, and size and flowability measurements. Usability of the powder in additive manufacturing applications has been evaluated via examining the characteristics of the deposit produced from this powder by the cold spray method. In short, promising results were obtained regarding the potential of the recycled powders in additive manufacturing after making minor adjustments in the HDH process.

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This research received no external funding. Acknowledgments: Dilara Celik expresses her deep thanks to European Commission for the provision of student researcher mobility at the University of RWTH Aachen under the Erasmus program.

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