Bioaugmentation of anaerobic digesters with the enriched lignin-degrading microbial consortia through a metagenomic approach

Ibrahim Cem Ozsefil, Ibrahim Halil Miraloglu*, E. Gozde Ozbayram, Bahar Ince, Orhan Ince

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The recalcitrance of lignin impedes the efficient utilization of lignocellulosic biomass, hindering the efficient production of biogas and value-added materials. Despite the emergence of anaerobic digestion as a superior alternative to the aerobic method for lignin processing, achieving its feasibility requires thorough characterization of lignin-degrading anaerobic microorganisms, assessment of their biomethane production potential, and a comprehensive understanding of the degradation pathway. This study aimed to address the aforementioned necessities by bioaugmenting seed sludge with three distinct enriched lignin-degrading microbial consortia at both 25 °C and 37 °C. Enhanced biomethane yields was detected in the bioaugmented digesters, while the highest production was observed as 188 mLN CH4 gVS−1 in digesters operated at 37 °C. Moreover, methane yield showed a significant improvement in the samples at 37 °C ranging from 110% to 141% compared to the control, demonstrating the efficiency of the enriched lignin-degrading microbial community. Temperature and substrate were identified as key factors influencing microbial community dynamics. The observation that microbial communities tended to revert to the initial state after lignin depletion, indicating the stability of the overall microbiota composition in the digesters, is a promising finding for large-scale studies. Noteworthy candidates for lignin degradation, including Sporosarcina psychrophila, Comamonas aquatica, Shewanella baltica, Pseudomonas sp. C27, and Brevefilum fermentans were identified in the bioaugmented samples. PICRUSt2 predictions suggest that the pathway and specific proteins involved in anaerobic lignin degradation might share similarities with those engaged in the degradation of aromatic compounds.

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