Anaerobic co-digestion of landfill leachate as main energy source

M. S. Akca*, G. Ceylan-Perver, E. Iren, M. Altinbas

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Landfill leachate contains a significant amount of organic matter, making it a valuable source for CH4 production. However, due to its liquid form, the mono-digestion of leachate could result in a reduced CH4 yield per unit reactor volume. This necessitates its utilization in anaerobic digesters alongside solid waste streams. The objective of this study was to evaluate co-digestion performance of landfill leachate with different wastes using biomethane potential test and assess the optimum combination in terms of CH4 productivity. Modified Gompertz model was used for kinetic characterization. Experiments were held under mesophilic conditions and lasted for 30 days. Among mono-digestion of substrates, landfill leachate exhibited the highest CH4 productivity and yield: 83.17 mL/gVS.d and 793 ± 6.85 mL/gVS, respectively. Fish waste was found to have the lowest energy potential with 350 mL/gVS CH4 yield and 18.24 mL/gVS.d CH4 productivity. CH4 productivities for co-digestion cases ranged from 5.48 to 67.85 mL/gVS.d. Mixing landfill leachate and chicken manure with the same amount on wet weight basis yielded the highest CH4 productivity. On the other hand, inclusion of fish waste consistently resulted in decreased CH4 yield and productivity for all incubations, which suggests that fish waste may not be suitable as a co-substrate for landfill leachate in terms of CH4 production. Monitoring of chemical parameters revealed that buffering capacity of the system and free ammonia formation were the main parameters governing CH4 production.

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DergiInternational Journal of Environmental Science and Technology
Basın numarası9
Yayın durumuYayınlandı - May 2024

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