An investigation of the conservation problems of volcanic tuffs used in the facades of dolmabahçe palace

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Historical structures resemble to historical documents that reflect the sociocultural structures of the period which they were built in. It is our responsibility as a nation to protect these immovable documents and transfer them to future generations in a healthy manner. It is necessary to help not only experts but also users raise awareness on how to preserve these historical pieces. It is still unclear that how these buildings, built in the past periods of time when today’s construction technology was not available and materials and techniques were very limited, can be still durable and in a perfect condition. Both architectural forms, materials and techniques are admirable. In order to protect these structures of cultural heritage and transfer them to future generations properly, necessary adjustment should be made in accordance with conservation principles. Protecting and repairing historic structures requires interdisciplinary collective work. Among historical works, the selection of original materials and construction techniques for the selection of the most appropriate protection and reparation interventions are among the priorities. The reparations the building has gone through can also be understood by examining the materials having been used during these procedures. In this article, the stones used in the facades of the Dolmabahçe Palace and the environmental factors surrounding the palace are investigated. In particular, the protection problems of the volcanic tuff stones are investigated. And by the experimental studies, conservation proposals were obtained. This article is thought to be helpful for future facade preservation work.

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