An integrated decision aid extension to material selection problem

Kadir Cicek*, Metin Celik, Y. Ilker Topcu

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Choice of an adequate material in design process is one of the critical tasks for the relevant decision-makers. At this insight, the consistency of the decisions is extremely depending on the relevance of adapted techniques to the nature of different problem cases. This paper proposed an integrated decision aid (IDEA) to match the suitable techniques with different problem cases based on the following six dimensions: (i) the type of the decision problem, (ii) the size of the problem, (iii) selection of the preference techniques by decision-makers, (iv) decision-makers' preference structure, (v) the necessity for the use of relative importance, (vi) the nature of performance values. Furthermore, the implementation procedure of the proposed IDEA for a material selection problem is demonstrated with the previously cited applications from material science literature. Hereafter, it is expected that the IDEA provides great advantages and encouragements to researchers/practitioners in order to prevent excessive time consuming, probable misapplications, and the other challenging issues in multiple criteria analysis of material selection problems.

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