An experimental investigation into the effect of vortex generators on the near-wake flow of a circular cylinder

Uǧur Oral Ünal*, Mehmet Atlar

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The effect of the streamwise vortex generators on the near-wake flow structure of a circular cylinder was experimentally investigated. Digital particle image velocimetry (DPIV) measurements were performed in a large circulating water tunnel facility at a Reynolds number of 41,300 where the flow around a bare cylinder was expected to be at the sub-critical flow state. In order to capture various flow properties and to provide a detailed wake flow topology, the DPIV images were analysed with three different but complementary flow field decomposition techniques which are Reynolds averaging, phase averaging and proper orthogonal decomposition (POD). The effect of the vortex generators was clearly demonstrated both in qualitative and in quantitative manner. Various topological features such as vorticity and stress distribution of the flow fields as well as many other key flow characteristics including the length scales and the Strouhal number were discussed in the study. To the best of the authors' knowledge, the study presents the first DPIV visualization of the near-wake flow of a circular cylinder fitted with the vortex generators in the open literature.

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The experimental work presented in this paper was conducted during the Principal Author’s research study visit to Newcastle University, which was sponsored by the Tinçel Culture Foundation, Istanbul University. The authors gratefully acknowledge Prof. A. Yücel Odabaşı, Prof. Ömer Gören and Assoc. Prof. Okşan Çetiner Yıldırım from Istanbul Technical University for their invaluable contributions to the study and Bo Beltoft Watz from Dantec Dynamics A/S for her support during the experiments. Special thanks are conveyed to Roderick Sampson for his help during the preparation of this paper and Ian Patterson for his efforts during the tests.

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Tinçel Culture Foundation
Newcastle University
Istanbul Üniversitesi

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