An evaluation of ‘the feeling of security’ in a new mass housing compound in Istanbul

Suat Apak, Gokhan Ulken, Alper Unlu

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This chapter proposes the importance of the evaluation of crime profiles in physical settings and, specifically, feelings of security within the concept. The rapid increase of the population in Istanbul has created various problems for its urban areas, including issues such as insufficient shelter, infrastructure and urban services, and physical and social deficiencies in the urban pattern. Crime prevention mechanisms in urban areas can be analyzed in accordance with the concept of categorization. These categorizations, such as the temporal, perceptive, ideological and economical, are taken into consideration when evaluating urban life and properties. The case study area, ‘Atasehir’, is a new satellite-type settlement situated on the Asian side of Istanbul. The case study data was analyzed in some steps, based on crime frequency, space-syntax analyses and interviews with residents. The chapter highlights crime vulnerability in segregated residential areas and thus contains echoes of B. Hillier and S. C. Shu.

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