An analysis on hygrothermal behaviour of traditional timber framed brick infill exterior wall

Seda Nur Alkan*, Fatih Yazicioğlu

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The goal of this study is to analyze hygrothermal performance of traditional timber framed brick infill exterior wall in Turkey to investigate the physical conditions of these buildings as an input for conservation/restoration/reconstruction projects. In order to investigate hygrothermal performance of the wall assembly, numerical and experimental studies were adopted. The numerical study was examined by DELPHIN simulation tool and guarded hot box is used for the experimental study. Based on the results of literature review; the system, and layers of external wall of traditional timber framed brick infill houses in Sivrihisar were examined. Then, the wall assembly were designed for case study. The evaluation is based on laboratory measurements that are used for comparison of the numerical modelling by analysis of temperature and U-value. The results indicate that experimental study has crucial role for applicability of numerical modelling for hygrothermal performance evaluation. Notably, material variations create unexpected impacts on the wall layers. The simulated values have good agreements with measured values on the infill parts of the wall assembly. In contrast to that the differences between measured and simulated wooden parts of the wall assembly are needed to be examined. The intersection and interaction points of different materials are required to assess by experimental and numerical methods for further studies in detailed.

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DergiA|Z ITU Journal of Faculty of Architecture
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This work was supported by Scientific Research Projects Department of Istanbul Technical University. Project Number: 42955.

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Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi42955

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