Active flow control applications with a jet and vortex actuator in a laminar cross flow

Sertac Cadirci*, Hasan Gunes, Ulrich Rist

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In this study the effect of an oscillatory, zero-net-mass flux device called a Jet and Vortex Actuator (JaVA) on the laminar boundary layer is investigated. The JaVA can be utilized to energize the boundary layer over a flat plate by creating jets and vortices thus it can delay or prevent boundary layer separation if it is used properly. It appears to produce qualitatively different flow regimes depending on its actuation parameters, e.g. frequency and amplitude or subtle changes in geometry such as the position of the actuator plate with respect to the JaVA-cavity. This latter effect was only discovered recently. Since little is known about the underlying fluid dynamics and because of a complete lack of unsteady data, a device is designed and built for experiments in water. Unsteady flow fields have been recorded for visualization and furthermore quantitative evaluation by means of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) has been carried out in addition to numerical simulations. Results show that the JaVA-induced vortices ejected into the flat plate boundary layer significantly enhance the velocity profiles and its characteristics such as the displacement thickness and the momentum thickness if the plate is oscillating at high frequencies as it is flush-mounted or inside the cavity. But if the plate is extracted out of the cavity then there is no improvement in the flow fields hence separation can be delayed or prevented for long downstream distances only if the actuation parameters and plate positions are selected properly.

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Sayfa (başlangıç-bitiş)146-159
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DergiInternational Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow
Yayın durumuYayınlandı - Şub 2013


We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and the International Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany through the project “Development and Testing of a Jet and Vortex Actuator (JaVA) for Active Flow Control”, Nos. 107M644 and TUR 07/006, respectively and additionally we appreciate the collaboration of Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Peters during the preparation of the experimental setup.

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Bundesministerium für Bildung und ForschungTUR 07/006, 107M644
Türkiye Bilimsel ve Teknolojik Araştirma Kurumu

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