A Scientometric Analysis of Gender-Based Discrimination Studies in the Construction Industry

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The construction industry is typically a male-dominated one, where women remain seriously under-represented. This is obvious that women are overtly and covertly discriminated by men; the discrimination against women is mostly found at the level of recruitment, wage differentials, selection for skilled jobs, and promotions. Despite the fact that gender-based studies have attracted considerable attention from researchers, the number of published studies are limited associated with the construction industry. In this regard, this chapter presents a state-of-the-art overview of gender-based discrimination in the construction industry from a holistic approach and offer using a guide for potential studies. This is achieved by employing a quantitative approach using “science mapping” techniques that have well-recognized advantages in handling a large amount of literature not only visually but also statistically. Thus, the study helps to identify current trends through the years, exhibit the main research areas concentrated on as well as disregarded ones, and to discuss research gaps for future directions.

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