A novel process model for marine accident analysis by using generic Fuzzy-AHP algorithm

Bekir Sahin, Yunus Emre Senol

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Marine accident analysis is a sophisticated and complex official interpretation that requires a professional and fair judgment. For accidents such as a collision, contact and other incidents in the maritime field, the judgment mechanism of the courts depends on the decision process of the field experts. Field experts define the Fraction Defectives (FDs) of the vessels for the intended case based on the existing evidence and navigational specifications. However, evaluation of human judgment can be limited and problematic in analysing many aspects of a case. In this paper, a pairwise comparison method is used to simplify and clarify the judgment process. We aim to assess marine accidents in a stepwise approach that is inaccurately carried out in a holistic perspective by the field experts. A real accident that occurred in the past is simulated in front of the field experts. After conducting an expert consultation, FDs are re-calculated to compare both the regular judgment and the results in our suggested Generic Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (GF-AHP) approach.

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DergiJournal of Navigation
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