A New Era for Urban Actors

Ozge Celik Yilmaz*, Ozhan Ertekin

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Urban technologies and smart city applications show that a new era has started in urban planning, and a new structure has been formed because of endless information flow and distribution. The participation process has also carried on a new structure with the changes. Urban living labs (ULL) is a form of experimental governance which can offer creative solutions for the problems that cities face today. The research is aimed to determine the new actors in a new era in the process of transformation while interviewing two ULLs in Turkey. Through interviews, decision-making, actualization, collaboration, and participation, processes were established. Moreover, analysis shows that the technological transformation process is currently in the digital environment rather than redound on the spatial environment in Turkey. While ULLs provide opportunities to adapt to technology, they have not become widespread or have not been identified yet to show limitations in cooperation and application.

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DergiInternational Journal of E-Planning Research
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This paper is produced from the Ph.D. thesis developed under the project “Re-thinking the city from a smart city perspective” supported by Istanbul Technical University Scientific Research Projects (BAP ID: 1475). The authors would like to thank Basaksehir Living Lab, Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality, and Eskisehir Tepebaşı Municipality management and team whose identity was kept confidential. Since the New Urban Agenda - Habitat III (2014), Turkey has achieved some living lab progress. Within the New Urban Agenda context, innovation laboratories and urban living labs have gained tremendous significance, resulting in many rapid foundations in several countries, including Turkey. However, in Turkey, Eskisehir Tepebasi Municipality was the first urban living lab, which is no longer active, enrolled in the ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs) system. After the Tepebasi Municipality experience, Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality applied for the urban living lab project supported by the EU. Meanwhile, in Istanbul, Basaksehir Living Lab was established in 2015 and accepted as the first living lab in Turkey. Moreover, Eliminating the barriers Living Lab (Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality) carries out its proceedings as the second living lab.

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Basaksehir Living Lab
Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality
Eskisehir Tepebaşı Municipality management
European Commission
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