A flight delay reporting and analysis platform through secure information sharing

Guney Guner, Baris Baspinar, Emre Koyuncu, Gokhan Inalhan, Massimiliano Zanin, Vaishali Mirchandaniy, Alberto Enrich Gonzalez, Julio César Triana Castillo, Emilio A.Lvarez Pereiray, Cengiz Paşaoǧlux

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Considering the future needs of the seamless flow of information between the stakeholders, applying secure information sharing and calculation that allows untrusted parties to perform computation over a data set will be a delicate issue for air transportation implementations. In this work, we have developed a secure system that is specific to delay report gathering from different stakeholders and analysing based on secure multi-party computation. Considering the needs of a secure reporting system, we have developed a web-based portal enabling participants to manage their contributions. To demonstrate the feasibility of such reporting and secure analysis, we have utilized real-world examples through the historical data analysis. Moreover, we have also performed the cost-benefit analysis through the computational effort assessing of such SMC-based delay analysis solution for the realistic operational environment, provided results of these analyses, and given detailed discussed on them.

Orijinal dilİngilizce
DergiSESAR Innovation Days
Yayın durumuYayınlandı - 2015
Etkinlik5th SESAR Innovation Days, SIDs 2015 - Bologna, Italy
Süre: 1 Ara 20153 Ara 2015

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