A Design Studio Experience: Designing Residential Interiors for Syrians Living in Sultanbeyli, Turkey

Özge Cordan, Şebnem Ertaş Beşir, Elif Sönmez

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This study focuses on housing design for Syrian population living in Sultanbeyli in Istanbul. The aim of the study is to identify design strategies, define spatial use, and categorize furniture and complementary furniture and accessories used in student design proposals. The method of the study is two- stage: First, the interview method was used to obtain data from volunteer Syrian families. Second, the humancentered design approach was used to develop design proposals in design studio. The proposals were designed for ten Syrian families comprised of either an extended or a nuclear family structure. Sixty- five undergraduate interior design/ architecture students from three universities concentrated on five houses in which the Syrian families had been residing and developed design proposals with limited spatial interventions for existing housing interiors according to user needs. The design proposals were analyzed through tables according to the defined aims. The findings showed that the economic, social, cultural, and psychological needs of Syrian families and the housing’s spatial constraints have an important role in space, surface, and object- based placement. The study revealed that the studio experience raises awareness to design for real users’ specific needs. The study will assist design discipline stakeholders in developing ideas and proposals for low- income immigrant/ refugee populations and will help researchers and educators further design activities.

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Ana bilgisayar yayını başlığıSustainability, Conservation and Ecology in Spatial Planning and Design
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Yayın durumuYayınlandı - 1 Oca 2023

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