A design strategy on the talbot type articulation of a freight wagon

Emin Sunbuloglu, Ergun Bozdag

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The Talbot Type Articulation is a classical design for use in articulated freight wagons, where one bogie under the coupler serves to both sides coupled. Though being a traditional design, lighter weight wagons designed to transport bulky but lightweight materials return it to one of the alternatives to increase load-to-tare ratio. However, the design criteria of the Couplers are not clearly defined in TSI and recalled standards, but simply recalled to be stronger than other coupling means at ends. This fact requires other challenges of loading case reviews, since the coupling is acting both in tensile and compressive loads, and it is the means of generating the intermediate joint. To end up with a design, a way of generating the possible load cases and combining these into the scope of the DVS fatigue code for fatigue assessment is presented in this study, along with experimental verification of the model.

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DergiWIT Transactions on the Built Environment
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