A comprehensive evaluation of process kinetics: A plant-wide approach for nutrient removal and biogas production

Güçlü Insel*, Goksin Ozyildiz, Didem Okutman-Tas, Didem Guven, Gulsum Emel Zengin, Ilke Pala-Ozkok, Ece Sagir Kurt, Ezgi Atli, Nazik Artan, Imre Takács, Emine Cokgor

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The present study investigated the deviations of operational parameters of a large-scale wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) from design basis through combining dedicated batch experiments with full-scale dynamic modeling results. The long-term process performance of a full-scale biological nutrient removal (BNR) plant equipped with anaerobic sludge digestion system was monitored to evaluate the process kinetics of both carbon and nutrient removal and anaerobic sludge digestion. In this respect, plant-specific characterization; chemical oxygen demand (COD) fractionation, batch kinetic studies and sludge settling velocity tests were performed together with plant-wide SUMO model simulation. Results showed that nitrification and anaerobic hydrolysis were found to be 30% and 70% lower than literature values, respectively. The anaerobic digestion test coupled with plant-wide model calibration showed that anaerobic hydrolysis was the bottleneck in biogas production. Correspondingly, performance of the anaerobic digestion in the full-scale plant was poor as low biogas production yields were observed. In addition, the degradation rate via anaerobic hydrolysis of primary sludge was found to be higher (∼2-2.5) compared to anaerobic hydrolysis of biological sludge. The results of this study provide insight into model-based experimental characterization as well as plant-wide modeling approach. Coupling model-based batch experiments with full-scale modeling enabled to reduce the number of kinetic parameters to be fine-tuned. Moreover, the information gathered from kinetic batch tests to the simulation platform yielded a satisfying prediction of long-term performance of the plant operation.

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This study was funded by Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI) as a part of the project “Wastewater Standardization and Management Project No 1: Biological characterization and dynamic modeling in wastewater treatment plants”.

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Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration

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