UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Node in Security

  • Suri, Neeraj (PI)
  • Angelov, Plamen Parvanov P.P. (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))
  • Dorn, Lisa L. (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))
  • İnalhan, Gökhan (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))
  • May-chahal, Corinne Anne C.A. (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))
  • Giotsas, Vasileios V. (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))
  • Tsourdos, Antonios (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))
  • Easton, Catherine Rachel C.R. (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))
  • Guo, Weisi W. (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))
  • Hutchison, David D. (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))
  • Deville, Joseph Edward J.E. (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))

Proje: AB

Proje Ayrıntıları


Autonomous Systems (AS) are cyberphysical complex systems that combine artificial intelligence with multi-layer operations. Security for dynamic and networked ASs has to develop new methods to address an uncertain and shifting operational environment and usage space. As such, we have developed an ambitious program to develop fundamental secure AS research covering both the technical and social aspects of security. Our research program is coupled with internationally leading test facilities for AS and security, providing a research platform for not only this TAS node, but the whole TAS ecosystem. To enhance impact, we have built a partnership with leading AS operators in the UK and across the world, ranging from industrial designers to frontline end-users. Our long-term goal is to translate the internationally leading research into real-world AS impact via a number of impact pathways. The research will accelerate UK's position as a leader in secure AS research and promote a safer society.

DurumSona erdi
Geçerli başlangıç/bitiş tarihi1/11/2030/04/24


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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