Tri-cone rotary drill bit wear monitoring, in-situ geology recognition, vibration analysis and control

  • Hassani, Faramarz F. (PI)
  • Brochu, Mathieu M. (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))
  • Chromik, Richard R. (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))
  • Kumral, Mustafa (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))

Proje: AB

Proje Ayrıntıları


The research focuses on drill bit wear, the bit-rock interface, and how both of these variables affect the performance of the overall drilling system. A tri-cone rotary drill bit is a consumable and, as such, will gradually wear over the course of its component life until bit failure occurs. As the bit transitions from new to completely worn, the drilling system's optimal set-points will transition also. Additionally, varying in-situ geology further affects the optimal set-points. Inefficient drilling can cause failure of the drill system (with associated safety, operational and financial concerns) and added downstream costs (including additional energy, operational and maintenance needs). The study will use a combination of on-site testing at several mines, in differing geology and laboratory work to study the drill bit wear phenomenon, the bit-rock interface and optimal drill system set-points. Monitoring-while-drilling data gathered in the field will be used to support laboratory based modeling and simulation of bit wear, in-situ geology, drilling optimization and drill control systems.

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