Persistent Decoy Teams with AI

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This research aims to look at what benefits advancements in autonomous vehicles and their teams/swarms, and Artificial Intelligence can bring to this domain. Specifically, one of the envisioned benefits is usage such autonomous systems to mimic host platforms for both defence and structured attack missions including suppression of enemy air defence (SEAD) and dual-role as hard kill end-effectors. As such, teams/swarms of decoys can deploy complex defence and attack patterns rather this be through centralized, distributed or emergent/decentralized coordination. In that respect, there exists considerable research on the actual coordination architectures, target-task assignment, emergent behaviour, planning and control aspects of autonomous vehicle fleets and swarms.

Geçerli başlangıç/bitiş tarihi31/01/2231/01/25


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

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