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Recent developments in the remote sensing allow acquiring vertical column information of NO2 as well as other air pollutants in the atmosphere with the use of electromagnetic radiation. The availability of these state-of-the-art retrievals as tropospheric NO2 columns with comparable spatial resolutions to regional air quality models and global coverage within days including remote areas where other means of measurements are not available are long-needed additions to the sparse ground-based observations. Using satellite observations to improve our scientific understanding of atmospheric processes by integrated analysis of satellite, and ground-based observations with regional air quality models is the starting point of this research. The improvement of NOx emissions via satellite NO2 retrievals is one of the emerging research areas with the development and availability of the remote sensing retrievals. The overall objective of the research presented here is to improve the NOx emission inventories by integrating observations from satellite retrievals, and ground observations with regional air quality modeling which is in line with the EU Seventh Framework (FP7) Environment theme where Earth observation and assessment tools are given as one of the emphasized research areas and it is also related to the Space theme, where an emphasis is given to the research area of Space-based applications serving European society. One of the important endpoints of this research is informing the decision-makers in their design of environmental policy in the area of NOx emissions. The proposed research program is a multidisciplinary topic which combines environmental sciences, modeling, remote sensing and environmental policy. The novelty of this project that distinguishes it from similar research in Europe is its focus area. Here, NO2 satellite retrievals will be used to improve NOx emissions in and around Turkey where the emission inventories have less detail and higher uncertainties.
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