Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Vision for Improving Healthy Living of Elderly through Exer-gaming

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Aging is a social phenomenon in Europe characterized by a decrease in fertility and mortality rate, and a higher life expectancy among Europeans. The rising number of retirees needing assistance from social security systems makes it necessary to focus resources rather on prevention than in treatment of illnesses, to allow a longer independent life in the home environment. Elderly people can gain significant health benefits with even a moderate amount of physical activity. An interesting emerging technology has been the use of modern game consoles. There is a new trend in the way physical exercise can be incorporated into a fitness training program, namely the 'exergaming'. Exergaming is a form of exercise through the use of video games whose main focus is the improvement and promotion of physical health of individuals. Individuals can train themselves through a video game by physically interacting with its content. The objective of the proposed research is to build an exer-gaming system that allows elderly people to naturally interact with a virtual gaming environment through their body movements and assess their physical performance. The human-computer interaction will be achieved through recognition of the body movements of the subject using multiple number of vision sensor platforms which have RGB cameras and depth sensors on them. The research focus will be on the development of algorithms that allow different types of sensors to detect various aspects of the activity in the environment collectively. The successful implementation of the system will be employed in designing an exercise game application that will allow elderly people to interact with the system through a natural interface, their own body movements. The physical performance of the elderly people will be assessed by processing the measurements collected from the inertial and bio-sensors worn on the body of the subject and hence improve health of elderly by providing better rehabilitation tools.
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