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Increased energy and resource efficiency in industrial sectors is paramount to build a resilient and sustainable future. In this context, the CUMERI project will develop and demonstrate at TRL7 advanced and customised membrane separation systems in two key industries: in the steel sector where H2 will be recovered and CO2 captured in one comprehensive system, and in the O&G industry where a two-step liquid filtration system will enable base oil and additives recovery from used lubricant oil. To reach these goals, CUMERI gathers 16 partners (7 RTOs and 9 companies including 4 SMEs) and will elaborate in 36 months three impactful membrane technologies: 1) Enhanced bio-based and recyclable polymer membranes for CO2 permeation; 2) Stable and selective SiC/SiCN membranes for H2 recovery, for a better H2 valorisation in the steel sector; 3) Grafted porous ceramic membranes for waste oil purification and additives recovery by ultra-filtration and liquid-liquid membrane contactors. All membrane systems will unlock greater energy efficiency and decreased emissions in their respective sectors. High separation performances together with increased chemical, mechanical and thermal stability will be demonstrated. Moreover, re-usage and recycling of membranes will be validated. Beyond these demonstrations, the project will generate novel insights on membrane separation including a variety of flexible solutions to help industry, the scientific community and policy makers accelerate the rollout of separation technologies. To maximise the impact of CUMERI, other promising separations will be screened and the transferability of results to other industries (refinery, pharmaceuticals, etc.) will be ensured. Through its activities, CUMERI will pave the way to decreased emissions in the industry, to the greater valorisation of valuable chemicals, and to more energy-efficient processes, promoting resilient and circular industrial value chains.
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