An empirical study on merits and demerits of maritime traffic environment in Japan: comparison with the surrounding waters around Istanbul

  • Seta, Hiroaki H. (PI)
  • Suzuki, Osamu O. (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))
  • Toyama, Shigehiro S. (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))
  • Yurtören, Cemil (CoPI (Ortak Sorumlu Araştırmacı))

Proje: BAP

Proje Ayrıntıları

Key findings

VTS centers are established adjacent to high-density marine traffic areas around the world, and operators carry out the safety management of marine traffic. This resarach analyzed and compared the content of VHF radio communication from marine communication monitoring systems from VTS centers in Ise Bay and Istanbul.
The communicative contents, which depend on the sea area’s properties, and frequencies of communications, which were in proportion to the number of navigational vessels, are proved by this study.
Judging from the merits and demerits of operation systems, sector systems, which have been used at the Istanbul VTS center, can offer information smoothly, while the responsibilities and the load of VTS operators must have increased. On the other hand, the system used by Ise Bay VTS center can avoid dangerous situations in advance, while communication problems between operators are difficult to solve.
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Geçerli başlangıç/bitiş tarihi1/04/1431/03/17


  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

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