Using of A’WOT to design an enhanced planned maintenance system (E-PMS) on-board ship

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Repair and maintenance is a critical technical aspect on board ship. Poor maintenance planning may lead to serious impairment in safety, efficiency, and environmental performance since researches show that a significant breakdowns and damage to ships with maintenance system. This study investigates the potential of existing planned maintenance system (PMS), mainly adopted strategy on board ships, to point out the required improvements. The PMS is a comprehensive periodic maintenance system for equipment or machinery. It is formulated by the ship management company or ship owner associated with requirements of manufacturer and ship classification society. An A’WOT hybrid methodology is utilized to quantify the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of PMS. To develop an e-PMS concept, the proposed solutions are decided respectively. The e-PMS concept enables a considerable amount of contributions to ship system performance and reliability once it integrates into safety management system.

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  • AHP and SWOT analysis
  • Maintenance
  • Planned maintenance system
  • Ship management


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