Sulfur-isotope distribution and contamination related to the Balya Pb-Zn Mine in Turkey

Murat Budakoglu*, Lisa M. Pratt

*Corresponding author for this work

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Sulfur-isotope (δ34S) values and weight (%) of acid-volatile sulfur (AVS), chrome-reducible sulfide (CRS), elemental sulfur (ES), and acid-soluble sulfates were determined in Balya Mine ore rock, mine wastes, and Kocacay River and Lake Manyas sediments. Estimation of isotopic fractionation (Δ34S) between product sulfate and initial CRS (pyrite) was used to evaluate the progress of sulfide oxidation in the mine-waste area. Water- and acid-soluble sulfate produced from different mine-waste samples, such as metallurgical waste (MW) and waste rock (WR), in laboratory experiments also shows distinct δ34S values and allows identification of the acid-mine-drainage sources in the mine-waste area. Average δ34SSO4values are -1.43‰ for MW (n=4) and +2.06‰ for WR (n=8). Short (24 hr) and long (60 days) term leach experiments were considered using alternating wet/dry conditions to simulate sulfate-production capacity and metal-discharge characteristics for MW and WR piles. Release of heavy metals follows the order of Pb2+ >Mn 2+ >Zn2+ >Cu2+ for these pile samples. Values of δ34SSO4 for river water that was collected after 3-4 h of heavy rainfall are close to values of δ34S SO4 for water-soluble sulfates from mine-waste piles used in laboratory leach experiments.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)773-781
Number of pages9
JournalEnvironmental Geology
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2005


Acknowledgements Financial support was provided by the Istanbul Technical University Foundation. Isotope analyses carried out at the Department of Geological Science, Indiana University. The authors wish to specially thank Dr. Atilla Aykol, Jon Fong, Dr. Brandy Anglen, and Dr. Scout Struck for their technical support, also David Dye for Raman spectra studies.

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Istanbul Technical University Foundation


    • Balya Mine
    • Isotopic fractionation
    • Mine waste
    • Stable sulfur isotopes
    • Sulfur species
    • Turkey


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