Performance analysis of real-time and post-mission kinematic precise point positioning in marine environments

Serdar Erol*, Reha Metin Alkan, Murat Ozulu, Veli İlçi

*Corresponding author for this work

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This article focuses on the performance analysis of both real-time and post-mission kinematic precise point positioning (PPP) in challenging marine environments. For this purpose, a real dynamic experiment lasting 6 h was carried out on a lake dam in Çorum City of Turkey. While the kinematic test was continuing, the real-time PPP coordinates were obtained for each measurement epoch with a commercial real-time PPP (RT-PPP) service, namely the Trimble CenterPoint RTX. Then the post-mission PPP (PM-PPP) coordinates were calculated by using Multi-GNSS data and the Multi-GNSS Experiment (MGEX) precise products. The kinematic RT-PPP and PM-PPP results showed that the PPP coordinates were consistent with the relative solution at centimetre and decimetre level in horizontal and height components, respectively. This study implies that PPP technique is a powerful tool for highly accurate positioning in both real-time and post-mission modes, even for dynamic applications in harsh environments.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)401-410
Number of pages10
JournalGeodesy and Geodynamics
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2020

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The authors are grateful to the CSY Engineering Company, Graftek Company and O?uzlar Municipality for providing technical support for the kinematic test. The authors express their special thanks to Dr. Herbert Landau from Trimble Inc. for his valuable contributions. The authors also thank the editors and the anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments and suggestions that significantly improved the quality of the manuscript.

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CSY Engineering Company
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    • Global GNSS correction service
    • IGS-RTS
    • Kinematic survey
    • Precise point positioning
    • Real-time PPP


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