On warped product manifolds satisfying Ricci-Hessian class type equations

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We deal with a study of warped product manifold which is also a generalized quasi Einstein manifold. Then, we investigate the relationships between such warped products and certain manifolds that provide some Ricci- Hessian type equations, such as Ricfm = λg for some smooth function λ, where Ricfm denotes the m-Bakery-Emery Ricci tensor. Finally, we obtain some rigidity conditions for such manifolds.

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JournalPublications de l'Institut Mathematique
Issue number117
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 53C15; 53C25, 53B15. Key words and phrases: -Bakery–Emery Ricci tensor, generalized quasi Einstein manifold, warped product manifold, conformal vector field. This work is partially supported by the project BAP-38385 of Istanbul Technical University.

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    • Conformal vector field
    • Generalized quasi Einstein manifold
    • m-Bakery-Emery Ricci tensor
    • Warped product manifold


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