Moment magnitude estimates for central Anatolian earthquakes using coda waves

Tuna Eken*

*Corresponding author for this work

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A proper estimate of moment magnitude, which is a physical measure of the energy released at an earthquake source, is essential for better seismic hazard assessments in tectonically active regions. Here a coda wave modeling approach that enables the source displacement spectrum modeling of the examined event was used to estimate moment magnitudes of central Anatolia earthquakes. To achieve this aim, three-component waveforms of local earthquakes with magnitudes 2:0 = ML = 5:2 recorded at 69 seismic stations, which were operated between 2013 and 2015 within the framework of the Continental Dynamics-Central Anatolian Tectonics (CD-CAT) passive seismic experiment, were utilized. An inversion on the coda wave traces of each selected single event in the database was performed in five different frequency bands between 0.75 and 12 Hz. The resultant moment magnitudes (Mw coda) exhibit a good agreement with routinely reported local magnitude (ML) estimates for the study area. Apparent move-out that is particularly significant around the scattered variation of ML-Mw coda data points for small earthquakes (ML < 3.5) can be explained by possible biases of wrong assumptions to account for anelastic attenuation and seismic recordings with a finite sampling interval. Finally, I present an empirical relation between Mw coda and ML for central Anatolian earthquakes.

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JournalSolid Earth
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Publication statusPublished - 23 May 2019

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Acknowledgements. The facilities of IRIS Data Services, specifically the IRIS Data Management Center, were used for access to waveforms, related metadata, and/or derived products used in this study. IRIS Data Services are funded through the Seismological Facilities for the Advancement of Geoscience and EarthScope (SAGE) Proposal of the National Science Foundation under cooperative agreement EAR-1261681. Tuna Eken acknowledges financial support from the Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Foundation towards computational and peripheral resources. I thank Peter Gae-bler and Tom Eulenfeld for their early instructions on Qopen utility. I am grateful to the topical editor, Charlotte Krawczyk, for handling the revision process and Takahiko Uchide and Ludovic Margerin for their valuable opinions on the improvement of the paper.

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National Science FoundationEAR-1261681
Directorate for Geosciences1261681
Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung


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