Microgrid Protection and Automations

Omer Usta*

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After the decision on devolution of electric power generation, a great number of dispersed storage and generation (DSG) units, which is mainly driven by renewable energy sources, has been connected to the power distribution networks. Existing of DSG units in the distribution network has converted the traditional distribution systems into active distribution networks, which are also called microgrids, and has created several technical difficulties from the operation points of view. Therefore, the conventional protection and control systems need to be improved to overcome these difficulties, and provide a reliable protection and control for microgrids operating in both grid connected and islanded modes. Today it is realized that partially developments in protection and control systems will not provide an ideal solution for the todays and future microgrids. Therefore, a full automated distribution network is certainly required for a proper protection and control of microgrids. This chapter will be deal with the protection and automation requirements of the microgrids, protection schemes and developments in the related fields.

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  • Intelligent electronic devices
  • Islanding protection
  • Microgrid automation
  • Microgrid protection
  • Multi-Source islanding


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