Evaluating recovery options by a mathematical model integrated with fuzzy multimoora method

I. Otay*, F. Çebi, B. Bolat

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


Product recovery option has been one of the strategic decisions for the reverse logistic systems. The decision requires analyzing multi-dimensional and conflicting a variety of factors as well as considering lack of information with regard to time, quantity and quality of the returning products. Because of these reasons, the study is constructed under fuzzy environment. In the study, fuzzy MULTIMOORA method, including three approaches namely Ratio system, Reference point and Multiplicative form methods, is applied by means of generalized interval-valued trapezoidal fuzzy numbers. A hierarchical model with 7 criteria "Product, Economic, Business, Operations, Environment, Market, Legal & Politics" and 20 sub-criteria such as "Technical characteristics, demand, quality, and complexity of processes", are evaluated in the analysis. A real life case study is applied to check the feasibility of the method and a mathematical model is presented.


ConferenceJoint International Symposium on "The Social Impacts of Developments in Information, Manufacturing and Service Systems" 44th International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, CIE 2014 and 9th International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing and Service Systems, IMSS 2014


  • Fuzzy
  • Product recovery
  • Reverse logistics


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