Aviation 4.0 Revolution

Serhat Aydın*, Cengiz Kahraman

*Corresponding author for this work

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The concept of Industry 4.0 arose in Germany in 2011 and spread to other countries. Industry 4.0 refers to a strategic step that was introduced by the German government seeking ways to change industrial manufacturing through digitalization and the development of new technologies. It introduced the world with new technologies such as cybersecurity, big data, the cloud, simulations, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, etc. The technologies also spread to other fields of business sectors such as aviation, agriculture, health, etc. Thanks to these technologies aviation sector underwent a change named Aviation 4.0. In this chapter, we first discuss the Industry revolution, Industry 4.0, and its technologies. Then, we explain Aviation 4.0 and technologies used in Aviation 4.0. Aviation 4.0 technologies are divided into three categories as follows: Ground services application in Aviation 4.0., Maintenance and production in Aviation 4.0, Unmanned aerial vehicles technology in Aviation 4.0. Furthermore, we give a brief discussion about Aviation 5.0. Finally, the conclusion is given.

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